Leather Personalised Belts

Price: £24.95loading (inc VAT @ 20%)

Our leather personalised belts are the perfect way for everyone to have their own custom belt.

Whether its your name, nickname or even a phrase you are famous for, you can have it immortalised onto a custom belt to be remembered forever!

These belts are made from leather, each belt is 2" (inches) wide and fitted with a roller buckle which not only looks great but is practical as well. The belts are then finished with studded lettering to match your chosen phrase.

We can do almost any phrase you require, but we do have to obey standard copyright laws. This means that there are some things that we cannot do, examples of these are: Football teams, Band names, Named brands etc etc.

Below is a table giving a guide on how many letters we can fit onto each sized belt (including spaces):

Size: Number of letters:
30" 15
34" 17
38" 19
42" 21
46" 23


Product Code: LPB
Stock Status: in stock
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